Self-test for alcohol consumption

I drink alcohol:


The number of standard drinks I typically consume in one drinking day (= one small beer, one glass of wine, one long drink):


I consume 6 or more drinks:


Once I start drinking, I can't stop:


In the last year I was unable to meet the expectations of others because of my alcohol consumption:


In the last year I needed alcohol in the morning in order to get going.


In the last year I've felt guilty after heavy drinking or reproached myself for my behaviour.


In the last year I was unable to remember the night before because of alcohol consumption (blackout).


While intoxicated with alcohol I have injured someone or injured myself.


Someone has suggested that I should drink less or expressed concern about my drinking habits.







Advice, support and information

Advice or support is usually free of charge.

Help yourself to reduce alcohol consumption

The drinking diary app and the website «drink-less-Schweiz» help people who wish to monitor their alcohol consumption or actively reduce their consumption (the app can be downloaded from (In German)

Self-tests are only an indication!

Addiction cannot be solely determined on the basis of this test or similar tests. After speaking with a doctor or a psychologist, he or she will be able to make a conclusive diagnosis and suggest suitable ways forward.

Driving, work, school and pregnancy: No alcohol!

When you are driving, at work, at school or if you are pregnant, alcohol is especially dangerous for you and for others. In these situations the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that you do not drink any alcohol at all.

Source of the self-test:

This test is based on a test developed by the WHO: AUDIT (The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test).